Friday, May 28, 2010

More Road Kill

Richard has a bad habit of finding clothes along the freeway and bringing them home to wear. Jeff Woods likes to encourage this behavior, and when he finds something "good" along the road he scoops it up for Richard. These are Jeff's latest kill. They are running jerseys from a 10K marathon that took place in Utah. Jeff found a bunch of these on the road while riding one day. He couldn't wait to tell Richard about them. Now this jersey was a bit too small on Richard, so that one had become mine. Lucky Me!
This jersey fits just perfectly though. I am sure Richard will get a lot of use out of this one. Thanks Jeff!?

Candice's Salsa Throwdown Party

I knew this was going to be a fun party when I saw there was a sign introducing the event!

Here are some of the invited guests. Most of you know Candice, Parker, and Tracey. Then there is Katie Roskelley, and some unknown young man from the Single's ward.

These two party goers you should recognize. As usual, Aiden is thrilled to be there, but he chooses to keep his excitement on the inside.

Stone and I are showing off the decorations. It is hard to tell, but these glasses have little red chiles in them.

Now the fun begins. Candice made blindfolds for the Salsa contest. She wanted to eliminate the possibility of any bias based on the appearance of the salsas.

Here is a photo of the tasting table. Complete with hand made "I (heart) Salsa" table runner.

Richard and Claire were the first people to be led into the tasting room.

Next we had Aiden and Stone. I stopped taking photos after that because I had to help Candice with the other participants.

And here are the winners. Katie won first place with 4 votes. Parker, Me, and the unknown young man from the Single's ward each received 2 points a piece. So we had a three-way tie for second place.

I am showing off my salsa and my second place "loser" prize.

This is a close up of the second place "loser" prize. After the contest we all enjoyed a wonderful taco and burrito bar dinner. Michael and his girlfriend, and Zach were also there, but for some reason I did not get any pictures of them. Sorry about that guys.