Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sacramento Airshow

Grandpa Wright was able to get us VIP tickets again to the Sacramento Airshow. As we entered the airshow, Richard found a booth that was giving free beard trims. Now that he is sporting a "van dyke" he thought he would get it cleaned up.

Next we went to check out the local aircrafts. Richard kind of already knew that he was not built to be a helicopter pilot. When he wedged himself into the cockpit it was confirmed. His knees blocked a whole row of instruments.

Now Spencer Sanders on the other hand was just fine climbing into the cockpit. Although he is still a little too short to take control of the aircraft.

We concluded that this helicopter was best suited for Joshua Sanders and Stone. They fit perfectly.

See how good Stone looks in the cockpit of an expensive helicopter. Well, maybe he should lose the cowboy hat. Then he will look cool.

These boys are strapped in and ready to go rescue someone in the EVAC helicopter.

Here we are waiting for our turn to sit in the brand new EVAC helicopter.

And here we are sitting in the helicopter. Once again Richard didn't fit too well. Crouching down as low as he could get inside, his head still scraped the top.

Joshua got his own seat on the helicopter. He fit just fine.

This helicopter Richard fit into.

Now this is a plane! We could fit everyone and their dog into this one.

We are inside that big plane waiting to climb up into the cockpit.

With the VIP tickets that Grandpa gave us we were invited to dine with the performers. We ate BBQ pork and BBQ chicken with cool pilots in uniform all around us. We also had front row seats along the runway for the airshow. The main attraction this year was a re-enactment of the Pearl Harbor attack. There were Japanese bombers dropping bombs that really exploded on the ground. And American fighter jets chasing them through the air. It was pretty cool.

Here we are just about to leave. We were hot, sweaty, sunburned, but happy. Just as we exited on the other side of those white tents, they brought out the plane that Spencer and I had been waiting to see. OR should I say hear? We stopped and could still watch the airshow from the other side of the tent. It was an F-17 that made the ground rumble as it flew past. It was so loud that car alarms were being triggered in the parking lot. We watched it go real fast passed us. We especially liked how it was silent upon approach, but then shook the ground as it was leaving. It was the coolest way to end the day! Thanks Grandpa for the wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Stone and Claire started back to school today. They have been looking forward to this for over a year. They are attending the new John Adams Academy Charter School. Our friend is the founder, and he has been talking about this school for almost 2 years. It is finally happening! Note their new school uniforms. They look dapper!

Here is another shot of them. We needed to recreate photo ops from previous year's first day of school photos. Stone is in the highest grade level at the school as a sophomore. There are only 34 students in his grade. He will be in the first graduating class at JAA.

Here they are outside the "school bus". Otherwise known as Dad's car. The school is 30 minutes away in Roseville. So Dad will be taking them in the morning on his way to work, and I will be picking them up after school. I really need to get into a carpool! Stone will most likely be attending a seminary class at JAA in the mornings as well. I guess Claire will be also by default.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day of Bowling Pleasure

So the family decided to go bowling one Saturday morning. Dad is showing his professional "get a strike every time" form!

Claire has her own professional bowling form. I thought this picture looked just like Candice at that age.

Here Mom and Claire wait for one of Mom's awesome scores to be posted.

The kids demonstrating the proper way to consume fried cafeteria cuisine.

Here is Dad wishing he could eat some of that delicious cafeteria cuisine. But NOPE!

BYU or Bust

I have started a tradition of making quilts for my kids to take to college. Aiden very excitedly informed me he wanted a Pokemon quilt. He gave me some pictures of Poke-balls that he liked, and I re-created them in fabric. He LOVES this quilt. I just hope he isn't mocked too much by his roommates.

Here we are en route to BYU Provo. We were also bringing my niece, Madison, home to Utah.

Here are some photos of Aiden's apartment. None of his roommates had arrived at this time. He stayed three nights by himself in the apartment. This is the front livingroom.

This is the kitchen.

And this is his room that he shares with one other guy. There are 3 guys total in his apartment. He loves having his desk right next to his bed. It all looks so clean right here. I would love to take a photo in a couple of months. I bet none of the rooms would be this clean?!

Family "DAY"cation

We didn't have the time or money to go on a big summer vacation this year. So we went on a "day"-cation. We took the family to San Francisco for the day. We started at the SF Zoo. Of course Little Richard wasn't with us. He was at Disneyland with friends. He hasn't been on a family vacation in 4 years.

Claire was very anxious to see a hippopotamus. She was able to get pretty darn close. He was sleeping though.

Lindsey and Aiden found some stray peacock feathers on the ground and decided to stick them in their pants. Most little kids thought it looked great, and wondered where they could get some too!

All the kids had to pose with Claire's new friend.

Then we ate lunch at a park. Even though it was August, it was too cold. So we ate our lunch in the car next to the park. Afterward we went to Exploratorium. Here Aiden is exploring some kind of force that spins you around with the wheel.

Dad and Lindsey were sharing the "whisper" game. If you've been to Exploratorium then you will recognize this. Otherwise it is too difficult to explain.

Dad and I sharing an intimate moment in the big Papa Bear dining chair.

I loved this photo of Aiden and Stone. It is true to their personalities.

Lindsey accidentally walked in front of a shot that Dad was taking. But I loved the resulting photo of the back of her head. I love the curly tendrils down her neck, and the "ever so Lindsey" ponytail buns in her hair.

This was Dad's favorite exhibit. It has to do with a state of confusion. "Should I drink or not?"
The toilet has never been used, it is completely sanitary, but just the negative connotation in our minds of toilets can cause one to pause before drinking. Claire makes it look all so elegant.