Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Stone and Claire started back to school today. They have been looking forward to this for over a year. They are attending the new John Adams Academy Charter School. Our friend is the founder, and he has been talking about this school for almost 2 years. It is finally happening! Note their new school uniforms. They look dapper!

Here is another shot of them. We needed to recreate photo ops from previous year's first day of school photos. Stone is in the highest grade level at the school as a sophomore. There are only 34 students in his grade. He will be in the first graduating class at JAA.

Here they are outside the "school bus". Otherwise known as Dad's car. The school is 30 minutes away in Roseville. So Dad will be taking them in the morning on his way to work, and I will be picking them up after school. I really need to get into a carpool! Stone will most likely be attending a seminary class at JAA in the mornings as well. I guess Claire will be also by default.

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