Monday, July 5, 2010

The Annual Gold Rush

The Fourth of July weekend saw yet another attempt to strike it rich in the Gold Country. Richard took the kids on their annual gold mining back-packing trip. Although the back packing part has been reduced to pretty much just camping. After 18 years of going to the same location, the owner of the property has recently granted Greg and Richard the rights to the gate. Which means they can drive down into the canyon instead of a long grueling hike in and out of the canyon.

Here is a shot of Greg Ouzounian helping Claire with her gold panning skills.

This was the biggest chunk of gold found on the whole trip. There are some smallish pieces in the pan also. Claire did mostly moss mining. She would dig up a piece of moss from a rock. Rinse the dirt from it in the river, and swish it around.

This is the remnants of a old miner's cabin located near their camping spot. Can you imagine how long it took the miner to build this thing? Claire believes she is standing on the fireplace.

Richard likes to take photos of the local flora. I told him he needs to be sure there is a person in the photo or else it is meaningless. So Claire is showing us this flower.

Aiden, being the almost-Eagle scout, got a rip roaring fire going for everyone to enjoy. Greg likes to make "fancy" meals while camping. The food is always good with Greg.

Richard doesn't like to fuss with a tent for one night, so everyone sleeps out under the stars.

Here is a shot of the sleeping beauties. Claire and Richard had been up for awhile, and gone on a little morning walk. Richard's Diabetic Walk, as he likes to call it.

The perks of being young and cute. Claire and 7 year old Christian got a ride up the steep embankment to the cars by the owner of the property, Bob Dorer. The older boys had to walk. Richard didn't take any photos of the professor this year, although I am sure they spent some time with him.