Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Claire's 11th Birthday

We had Claire's 11th birthday party last Friday. I picked her and her friends up from school. I don't have a photo, but I decorated the car with streamers and helium balloons. And tied cans to the bumper to make noise. She loved the attention the car attracted at school.

We played a game called "cheese-head". We put whipping cream on a hat, and a partner had to throw cheese puffs at it. The winning team was the head with the most cheese puffs on it. Claire and her partner won.

Claire didn't want a cake and ice cream. She wanted Jello. So I bought Jello cups and added whipped cream and sprinkles to them. She is blowing out her candles here.

Claire and her friend Amy have made up nick names for each other. Claire calls Amy "cream puff" and Amy calls Claire " cheese puff". When it came time to open presents, this friend's card was as big as the gift. Claire opened it up and found a sign that read," to" taped to a bag of cheese puffs, and "from" taped to a box of cream puffs. That was as much fun as the gift itself.

At the party we decorated cork boards. The girls really took this assignment to heart, and did a terrific job on their boards. We clued buttons to push pins as well.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fun Day Skiing?

Stone and Claire both had a desire to learn to snowboard. So we took a day off from school and work and headed to the mountains. We purchased special equipment and lesson packages for them. They were totally excited as you can see. Aiden was also totally excited, he just giggles on the inside.
This is a photo of Claire up on her snowboard. She is the tiny one in yellow.

This is Stone snowboarding. He loved it. He fell a lot, but didn't let that stop him from getting back up time and time again. He was determined to master the skill.

Aiden took snowboarding lessons when he was younger. So he already knew what to do. He took off on his own. Big Richard and Aiden had fun taking the "scary" ski lift together.

UH-OH! It wouldn't be a Hoopes family outing if someone didn't break a bone. And Claire was the first to oblige. She got in two runs, and then fell on her wrist suffering a buckle fracture. I am really grateful we purchased our lesson package on a week day special, because they don't give refunds for injuries. So most of Claire's fun day of skiing lasted about 30 minutes. Then it was 3 1/2 hours in the lodge with Mom.

At one point Stone and Richard came in to rest and check up on Claire. Claire's body language speaks for itself. She was bored and in pain. The First Aid station wasn't allowed to give us any pain medication. But they did say we could buy some ibuprofen in the store. Unfortunately the store was all sold out. So Claire just dealt with it. After I took the photo I decided it wasn't very attractive of anyone. So I told them to try again, and this time to look good.

So this was the result. I think they all look much nicer in this photo. Stone and Claire tease me because they say I stage every picture. I think they will thank me when they are older, and all our family pictures make them look good.

This was the end result of our family outing. But wait! What happened to Stone?! Well, we were ready to go because I had made a 2 o clock doctor's appointment for Claire. Richard went to call Stone in to the lodge. Stone had just completed a run and was at the bottom of the hill, when Richard called out his name. Stone turned to look at Richard and lost his balance and fell. We thought maybe he had sprained his wrist or something. Certainly he couldn't have broken anything with something so slight as falling from a standing position. But at the doctor's office, x-rays revealed that he had fractured his ulna and median distal bone? of the thumb. Let see, that means Stone has broken his right arm once and his left arm three times. Not to mention his three foot bones he has broken. The doctor didn't seem too worried about it. He said his own son has broken as many bones.

Aiden's 17th Birthday


One of my friends was telling me how nice it has been to have Aiden hanging around her house lately. I explained to her how Aiden refuses to have friends come to his house. He never wants to invite them over to our house to hang out. She suggested that I have a surprise party for him, and force him to have friends over. I liked the idea, and with his birthday just 7 days away, I went into full swing putting together a last minute surprise birthday party for Aiden. On Friday evening around 6:45 I asked Aiden to run to the gas station to get me a soda. Anyone who knows me, will know this a common occurrence and not suspicious in the least. His friends had all parked up at Grandma Hoopes' house waiting for the all clear signal to come down. We were waiting for Claire to tell us he was coming as she was put on look out upstairs. She some how missed the headlights driving up. Aiden walked into the kitchen holding my soda wondering why so many of his friends were just hanging out around the couch. In a rather staccato method people starting yelling "Surprise!" He was surprised.

The party was held in the basement. In the front room was air hockey, fuzeball, and videos. In the bedroom was the food and band hero.

After about 2 hours everyone left. I was afraid everyone got bored, and as soon as the first movie was over, they all wanted to go home. I was feeling really bad thinking it was another disastrous party by Mena. But then about an hour later they all came back in and went down to the basement again. Apparently they had just taken the party outside, and were walking up and down Cole rd. The party ended about midnight because that is most of the kids' curfews. All in all I would have to call it a success. Fewf!