Monday, August 29, 2011

BYU or Bust

I have started a tradition of making quilts for my kids to take to college. Aiden very excitedly informed me he wanted a Pokemon quilt. He gave me some pictures of Poke-balls that he liked, and I re-created them in fabric. He LOVES this quilt. I just hope he isn't mocked too much by his roommates.

Here we are en route to BYU Provo. We were also bringing my niece, Madison, home to Utah.

Here are some photos of Aiden's apartment. None of his roommates had arrived at this time. He stayed three nights by himself in the apartment. This is the front livingroom.

This is the kitchen.

And this is his room that he shares with one other guy. There are 3 guys total in his apartment. He loves having his desk right next to his bed. It all looks so clean right here. I would love to take a photo in a couple of months. I bet none of the rooms would be this clean?!

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