Monday, August 9, 2010

Tam and Terry's 50th Anniversary Party

We had this small cake made to display the original bell cake topper that was on Tam and Terry's wedding cake. You can see it in the picture. Lindsey's bakery "Paula's Bakery" made the cake.

This is a photo of Tara's two oldest children, Nathan and Anna, enjoying the chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain was a huge hit with the young and old alike. I think it has been one of Mom's best purchases yet. Thanks Mom for letting so many people borrow it. We also served cheesecake and veggies and dip.

Here is a photo of Tam and her only sister, Sydney. They are very close and yet they are exact opposites. Their personalities could not be more diverse.

The kids had a good time running around the building. Claire and Audrey did a wonderful job of watching and playing with them in the nursery and elsewhere. Audrey and Claire had the idea to host a babysitting group in the nursery for any kids who came to the party. Although the only kids who showed up were from our own family. But they still did a wonderful job keeping them entertained.

Here is Tam with some of her good friends at the party. Tam was afraid no one would show up. But we had approximately 60-70 people come. It was a good turn out. Tam and Terry really enjoyed it.

This photo is included just because it is a picture of Mom. We have to sneak those in where ever we can, or else our posterity will think our mother died at birth. There won't be any photographic evidence to support her existence.

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